SmartLabs UDRM (SmartLabs Universal DRM) is a one-size-fits-all solution for DRM protection of content in IPTV and OTT networks.

SmartLabs Universal DRM consists of the following components:

• A server for generating keys and issuing licenses;

• A set of client libraries.

Libraries include CDM (Content Decryption Module) Modular DRM, PlayReady and Apple FairPlay developed by Google WideVine, Microsoft and Apple. Other CDMs can be added.



Smartlabs STBs are equipped with cutting-edge processors provided by leaders in this sector, which help to provide the best interactive services to your subscribers.

Our devices support the latest audio and video codecs, including HEVC, VP9 and Dolby MS11 Multiscreen Decoder, ensuring the highest level of user experience for your customers.

SmartLabs STBs are available in mini, stick, hidden or maxi, with a compartment for an optional HDD, cases. Case design undergoes continuous improvement focused on market trends, support for new features and ease of use.

You can always find the right option, combining the best hardware and appealing case design, to match your business goals and to delight your customers.

The SML-5050 is our best selling low cost OTT STB. It is powered by the hi- performance Quad-core ARM Cortex A7 processor and combines processing power with support for HEVC to deliver stunning 4K2K video at up to 30 frames per second and also offers adaptive bitrate streaming. The SML-5050 provides a great, cost-effective platform to improve your customer’s experience.