SmartCARE is our Quality of Service and Subscriber Activity Monitoring and Analysis solution.

SmartCARE is built around the client-server architecture. The system consists of SmartCARE Agents that are embedded in the operator’s IPTV or OTT platform and end-user devices, and the SmartCARE Server.

SmartCARE agents report data to the SmartCARE Server for processing. Service affecting issues that may cause complete image failure or scattering, image jitter or freezing are identfied by the SmartCARE Server and bespoke reports are created.

SmartCARE is designed to simplify IPTV and OTT service operation. It provides irreplaceable interfaces for HelpDesk, ServiceDesk and Management that help to identify issues that need to be addressed in order to ensure the highest quality of service.

SmartCARE’s dashboard allows users to view various standard and custom reports;

View detailed statistics for each subscriber

Receive alarms when service impairing issues

Create your own dashboard for online service quality monitoring