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| Reichle & De-Massari AG (R&M)

R&M was founded by Hans Reichle and Renato De-Massari in 1964 as a two-man business. The two employees of a supplier of Switzerland’s telecommunications company came up with the idea of a new, easier-to-install telephone outlet, which to this day is known as Reichle-Connector in Switzerland.

Originally R&M was set up to develop this product and market it throughout Switzerland. The company then broadened its range of products and services to cabling technology for data and voice networks as a whole, based on copper and optical fiber cabling (glass and polymer fibers). One of the firm’s core products is its Cat. 6A module for Ethernet networks, which is widely used in networks all over the world. The product’s success was founded on, among other things, its sales partnership with IBM, which lasted many years (1993–1999). Following the death of De-Massari, his business partner Hans Reichle took overall charge. In 2005, Reichle retired to the Board of Directors and handed over operational responsibilities to his two sons Martin and Peter, who ran the company in their respective positions as CEO and COO until August 2012. Michel Riva became the company’s first ever externally appointed CEO on 1 September 2012. Supervisory board members Martin and Peter Reichle continue to represent the interests of the family owners. Although R&M is a joint-stock company, it is not quoted on the Stock Exchange.