Capture live video from virtually anywhere and transmite base on Cellular, Wi-Fi, Enthernet Network


Can be button control or configure from control server, without any on-site configuration.

Low Latency



Reliable, high-quality uplink at significantly lower cost than alternative solutions.


Local server or cloud server deployments

Multiple Function

Living broadcast, record, file transfer


The transmission network can be flexibly selected and the optimal channel can be automatically selected.


Independent authorization of point-to-point communication to ensure transmission security


Multiple links for quality transfer.

Smart Bonding Technology

a compact mobile cellular transmitter that encodes high-quality video and transmits over multiple network connections. It integrates broadcast level HEVC/AVC video compression algorithm and intelligent multilink aggregation technology.

Mobile Live Broadcast with Smart Bonding Technology

UV-100 is Smart bonding technology by support up to 6 network connections including 3x3G/4G, 1 Gigabit port for Lan, WiFi and 2 USB extended ports; It uses i-Mux intelligent bonding technology and i-VBR technology with IPR of our company.
  • High Quality Content Coding : Supporting HEVC (H.265) and AVC (H.264) video coding, frame rates up to 1080p60; perfect for high motion content like sports.
  • Low Latency : End-to-end as low as 400ms, which is more suitable for audio and video transmission scenarios that are highly sensitive to delay such as news connection, telemedicine and interactive teaching.
  • Simplicity : It is very easy to use and can be one-button control, without any on-site configuration; it also supports dual power supply through backpack, providing long-term endurance.
  • Network connections : 3x3G/4G/LTE-A modules, 1 Gigabit port for Lan, Wi-Fi and 2 USB extended ports
  • AV connectors : Input: 1* 3G-SDI , 1*HDMI1.4 | Loop out:1* HDMI1.4
  • Formats : 1080p50/60/25/30/24,1080i50/60, 720p50/60/25/30, PAL, NTSC
  • Video encoding : HEVC(H.265) AVC(H.264)
  • Bit rate : CBR/VBR,up to 10Mbps
  • Audio encoding : 2-channels 48KHz/16bit code,AAC
  • Storage capacity : 64G SD storage capable of up to 20 hours of HD recording
  • Working mode : Live mode and Recording live optional
  • Management : LED, Web and Windows App
  • Collaboration : Two-way intercom full-duplex voice communication,Remote Tally indication
  • Streaming out : HLS、RTMP、UDP-TS
  • Size : 150mm*130mm*46mm
  • Power : AC:110-240V; DC:9-17V; <20W
  • Operating temperature : -10°C—50°C
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Our Clients

Media Server Series

The UV2000 series receiver server is the background receiving terminal of the 3G/4G/5G transmission system. It receives data from multiple head-end transmitters for storage or living stream output. It also supports decode output from SDI port. The UV2000 also deploys software to implement the Head-end transmitter screen preview, status monitoring, remote control, etc.

The flexible deployment of UV2000 can be realized by hot standby of network communication service, media management and distribution service division deployment, which can meet the strict requirements of system stability and performance in large-scale terminal access scenarios. At the same time, by supporting multiple ISP access, it allows different network links of the same terminal to access servers through different operators' networks, providing network link backup and load balancing mechanism.

Remote Terminal Management

  • Provide friendly Windows App for system, programs and files management.
  • Convenient control terminal switches between live broadcast, high quality delay broadcast, file transmission and other working modes, and provides default parameter for broadcast quality, delay control, etc;
  • Provide the security mechanism of authorized access to the terminal, and  only  the  authorized  legitimate  terminal  can be allowed to access the server;, delay control, etc;

Communication Support and Management

  • Provide live preview and live status monitoring mechanism, which can monitor live video and transmission status of terminal in real time;
  • Provide high-quality delay broadcast control function, which can control the terminal to record while transmitting, and control the server to receive and output at the same time;
  • Provide online management function for different mobile communication network cards of the terminal, real-time link quality monitoring and flow curve real-time monitoring;
  • Different dialing and status management mechanisms can be provided according to different operator networks and sim models;, delay control, etc;
  • It supports the two-way VoIP call function, and multiple central terminal commanders can maintain two-way voice interaction with all online terminals.

Program and Document Management

  • The program file quality can be managed through the combination of encoding scheme and working modes selection, so as to obtain the best program quality for the terminal in different scenarios;
  • Up-ports decoding and output of specified live stream with optional output channels;
  • It supports online distribution of live streaming, and can distribute streaming real-time programs through UDP-TS, RTMP, HLS and other streaming media protocols;
  • The program files stored in the server can be checked, inquired  and  downloaded.  Meanwhile,  the program files can be decoded and output on the specified signal output channels. 

Network Deployment Optimization

  • Supports multi ISP access function, and set different communication links in the terminal aggregation link to access the server through different operator networks, providing reliable link backup and responsible balance mechanism;
  • Supports the distributed deployment of terminal access service dual machine hot standby and decoding output service to meet the large-scale flexible deployment requirements of large- scale systems;
  • The terminal can be deployed to the cloud to provide a more flexible combination of service delivery and service delivery.
We provide rental services for 4G Bonding devices with packages that can be tailored to the company's needs. Please contact us.
Or you can contact us to submit a demo unit of our device. Click here