Drop Core Cable

ZTT CABLE INDONESIA FOC has a construction of fiber optic, loose tube or tight buffer or semi-tight buffer, strength members (FRP, steel wire, aramid yarns, glass yarns, etc.), water blocking material (tube jelly, cable jelly, water blocking yarns, water blocking tape, etc.), armor (steel tape, aluminum tape, steel wire armor, FRP armor, etc.), cable sheath (PE, AT, LSZH, FRPE, PVC, Nylon, etc.). which can meet with all kinds of operating environment.
ZTT CABLE INDONESIA FOC meet the international standards of IEC series (such as IEC 60794-1, IEC 60794-2, IEC 60794-3, IEC 60794-4, etc.), and can be supplied according to customer’s requirements of standards such as IEEE, EIA/TIA, BS EN, ANSI series, etc. 

Optical Distribution Point

Using local products with its own brand, namely "FOTEL". Available for small capacity communication system,wall mounting.The cabinet is composed of 2 parts,one links with optical cables for fusion connection between optical cable and fiber pigtails.
  • plastic key:2 pcs
  • winding tube (6×500mm): 1 pc
  • sticky tube:1 roll
  • expansion screw (M4×25):4 sets (optional)
  • Stainless steel hoop(118-140mm:2 pcs(optinal)
  • nylon tie (3×100mm):4 pcs
  • heat shrinkable sleeves (L=60mm):2 pcs
  • Made of high quality and impact resistant plastics with Standard user interface;
  • Can accommodate two 1:8 splitters;
  • With UV, impact and water resistance;;
  • Wall and pole mountable;
  • Meet the needs of non-breaking cable;
  • Functional zoning: The cable splicing and distribution area is independent from the cable exit area; the two covers are opened separately for easier installation and maintenance.
  • Optical fiber radius of curvature:≥40mm
  • Splice tray additional loss:≤0.01dB
  • Working temperature: - 20℃ ~ + 60℃
  • Side pressure: ≥2000N / 10 cm
  • Impact resistance:≥20N.m
  • Protection level: IP54

Optical Accessories

Fotel is dedicated to optical communication and mobile communicationindustry, specializing in physical connection and protection of communicationnetwork, mobile communication network optimization system and broadband networkterminal equipment research and development, production, sales and service.
  • Fiber optic patch cord is used in outdoor and indoors, it prevent extrusion, has high strength and pressure resistence, the bending is not sensitive to optical fiber, strong resistance to bending
  • Resistance to electromagnetic interference, resistence to vibration
  • fiber optic adapters allow users to couple from one connector type to another same type.
  • Dense arrangement type fiber optic cable, tail fiber multi-channel welding
  • Anti-Rat Bite
  • Low Insert Loss
  • High reliability and stability
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