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Changhong emerged from the Changhong Machinery Factory, which was a state-owned large enterprise established in the 1950s. The company, which was part of the 156 key projects that were aided by the Soviet Union, focused on the development and production of airborne fire control radar system. By mid-1970s, Changhong began manufacturing products for civilian use when demand for military hardware declined, eventually focusing on the television product line. During the next decade, it beefed up its technological capabilities with a series of partnerships with overseas companies such as the Japanese company National, where it imported tubes and advanced production lines to drive the volume production of television. In 1980, the company already boasted the production of over 10,000 television units annually and by 1988, this number rose to almost a million units. In 1994, the company was listed as a publicly traded company and, a year later, it was recognized as China's largest television manufacturer.