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| Wireless Product

1. Commercial Cloud Products

BDCOM BCP8200 Series is an intelligent cloud software system designed for commercial wireless networks, which plays its role by connecting with downlink WAP2100 wireless integrated access gateway series through WiFidog and Portal2.0. It provides multiple services for the user such as WiFi coverage/online, access authentication, Portal, advertisement pushing, data statistics and analysis, online brand promoting and off-line secondary marketing.

BDCOM BCP8200 Series is classified into different models, such as private cloud and public cloud.


2. GP General AP + AC

BDCOM WAP 2100-T series is designed by BDCOM and specially oriented for applications in wireless application locations such as indoor public areas.

The whole WAP2100-T series has adopted the latest MIMO technology of QualCOMM, which renders you a secure, stable and hi-speed wireless network. WAP2100-T series is ceiling-mounted, compact, and beautiful so that they can fit in indoor public areas. They can be used together with mounted-inside-wall or desktop WAPs to achieve entire WIFI coverage indoors. Furthermore, the adoption of PoE power supply by BDCOM WAP2100-T series makes their installation and application more convenient.


3. Commercial Wireless Products

BDCOM BSR7300 Series — an iWiFi commercial ONU- caters to large and medium commercial sites such as hotels, hospitals, campuses, railway stations and airports. It is of rich functional modules and strong hosts. It excels in data processing and is easy to use.

BDCOM BSR7300 Series integrates routing, switching, security, WIFI and advertisement marketing into its functions. With broadband-optimized BDROS operating system, BSR7300 supports functions including URL filtration and packet filtration while realizes internet access by ADSL and Ethernet. It allows the user to switch to OpenWRT operating system and WiFidog, which is convenient for user customization and secondary development. BSR7300 Series also supports the graphic Web management mode, greatly facilitating the management and maintenance of networks.


4. Commercial Wireless Products

BDCOM WAP2100-WBR Series is a professional wireless network bridge designed by BDCOM for the outdoor WiFi environment. It supports 5G frequency, 802.11n and MIMO2*2. It also optimizes multiple algorithms including wireless bandwidth scheduling, wireless power control and RF anti-interference.

BDCOM WAP2100-WBR can independently work in point-to-point mode or point-to-multi-point mode. Meanwhile, it can establish a network with the WSC6100 wireless controller.

WAP2100-WBR can be applied in varied of circumstances, including cities, counties, villages, mountains, mining areas and military regions.