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| Router Series

1. High-End Core Routers

BDCOM 7600 Series is 10G core routers developed by BDCOM based on the multi-core distributive-processing architecture. Based on the hardware platform, the 7600 provides with high switching and routing capacities and integrates diversified services such as MPLS, IPv6, QoS, multicast. In addition, the 7600 supports varied interfaces such as serial interfaces, E1 ports, GE ports, 10GE ports, and POS/CPOS ports. The 7600 is more flexible as it can realize the downward compatibility of low-speed modules via the MIP multiservice expansible line card.

BDCOM 7600 Series has three models: 7603, 7606 and 7610.


2. BSR Services Routers

BDCOM BSR2800-20 series is the next-generation multiservice switching router platform developed by BDCOM (Shanghai Baud Data Communication Co., Ltd). The router platform is of high performance by integrating a 64-bit multi-core processor, a gigabit switching chip and FPGA into one solution.

BDCOM BSR2800-20+ includes models such as BSR2800-20, BSR2800-24L. Each model has at least 2 Gigabit TX/SFP combo ports, 4 Gigabit TX ports. BSR2800-24E has also integrated the fully-functional switching card of BSR2800-24FE. BSR2800-20+ supports a dozen of expanded modules and interfaces of different densities such as Ethernet, E1, T1, Serial, Async, 3G, which provide diversified options for the user.

BDCOM BSR2800-20+ series is equipped with BDROS operating system, of which BDCOM has the independent intellectual property right. BDCOM BSR2800-20+ builds a real multiservice broadband platform by providing rich software functions such as routing, switching, safety and VPN.

With its strong processing and expansion capability, rich software functions and hardware modules, BDCOM BSR series meet requirements of the government, financial institutions, the defense system, operators and enterprises in network construction.


3. Broadband Routers

BDCOM 1705/2605/2613/3605, adopting mature processors such as ARM and IXP and designed with professional switching chips, are cost-effective and comprehensive broadband routers developed by BDCOM for small- or medium-sized cybercaf├ęs, enterprise and undertakings.

This series of broadband products are strong in data processing, flexible in a variety of mainstream bandwidth access environments and various in providing sound bandwidth distribution solutions, all of which are means of effective utilization of bandwidth resources. In addition, these products can provide network behavior management, P2P control, VPN networking, firewall, ARP cheat prevention and vicious attack prevention.

BDCOM 1705/2605/2613/3605 routers integrate with such features as multiline, NAT, security and flexible rate limit, and therefore they are a set of all-in-one solutions. These products can be widely applied in Internet clubs, enterprises, hotels and restaurants, chain stores and schools.