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BDCOM P8510 Series is a high-end OLT designed for the next-generation convergent networks. It enables functions including high-density EPON access and strong routing switch.

Based on the self-developed BDROS operating system, BDCOM P8510 Series integrates multiple technologies such as IPv6, network security and EPON, continuous forwarding, graceful restarting and ring protection and supports services such as data, voice and video, which improve the work efficiency and ensure the maximum running time.

Both the main control engine and the power supply of P8510 Series adopt “1+1” redundancy back up. P8510 Series supports 2 dedicated 10G uplink service slots and 6 PON service slots in maximum. Its 10G uplink board supports 4 TE interfaces. Its PON board supports 16 EPON interfaces. P8510 Series supports 96 PON ports and 8 TE interfaces at its highest.

P8510 Series can be widely applied on large and medium FTTX networks including networks of the operator, broadcast and TV and power industry.



BDCOMP1504C Series is a smart ONU with 4 Gigabit ports oriented for the integrated multi-service networks. It is complied with IEEE802.3ah and relevant requirements for EPON ONU regulated in Technical Requirements of YD/T1475-2006—Ethernet-Based EPON and China Telecom EPON Technical Requirement 2.1/3.0. P1504CSeries can be well connected with OLTs from the mainstream manufacturers.



BDCOM GP3600 complies with ITU-T G.984/G.988 and meets requirements about GPON OLT inNetwork Access Technical Requirements. It fully supports CTC2.0, automatic discovery and cooperation with ONUs of different manufacturers.

BDCOM GP3600 supports the Asymmetric uplink 1.25Gbps/downlink 2.5Gbps PON transmission rate, efficient bandwidth usage and Ethernet services, helping carriers to provide reliable services to their users.

Its coupling ratio ups to 1:128, and its support of different hybrid ONU networks minimize the carrier’s investment.

BDCOM GP3600, based on the edge-cutting technologies, is strong in functions. A few of its functions such as QoS guarantee, SLA and DBA can be easily listed out.



BDCOM GP1501-1G is a new generation smart ONU for integrated multi-service networks. It is complied with the international standard ITU-T G.9844/988 and PRC Community Industry Standard GPON ONU in Access Technology Requirements and China Telecom EPON Technical Requirement CTC2.0.