TVCaster 200-S2 CI | Rohde Schwarz

TVCaster is an integrated DVB receiver, remultiplexer, and IPTV server for converting DVB to IP.

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PolyCaster NG-1
PolyCaster NG-2
PolyCaster NG-3 | Rohde Schwarz

The PolyCaster NG series by GMIT offers optimized streaming servers for high-performance HTTP Live Streaming (HLS) to client devices.

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CodecCaster NG-1
CodecCaster NG-8
CodecCaster NG Software-Only | Rohde Schwarz

CodecCaster is a turn-key solution for real-time transcoding of IPTV streams. CodecCaster offers high-performance and high-quality IP-based format conversion and bitrate reduction for MPEG Transport Streams.

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Relay Caster One

RelayCaster One | Rohde Schwarz

With RelayCaster, reliability and data rates of contributing and distributing live content can be greatly improved, and packet loss issues can be solved efficiently.

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